Estate Planning

A common mistake made with estate planning is to think this area deals only with estate taxes. When actually, it is critical for these discussions to address other important client concerns such as control of their assets, possible multi-generational planning, income and capital gains tax issues as well as flexibility in the planning to account for changes in the years to come.

However, clients are often reluctant to engage in this critical process because it can seem overwhelming and, frankly, a bit confusing. This is where Insurance Design Management excels. Our team is experienced in helping simplify this potentially puzzling area. They work closely with the advisor and their clients to help the clients first identify their key goals and objectives. Our team can then help advisors identify the proper tools and techniques needed from the myriad of advanced techniques used in estate planning. Whether it involves a simplified plan or the most complex, sophisticated techniques available, Insurance Design Management provides the expertise to bring the estate plan to optimization.

The end result is solid estate plan that the client truly understands and addresses and accomplishes all the client’s goals and objectives.

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